Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My Fav's

I am going through a little bit of a withdrawal from not writing about education or teaching or anything. I am trying to take a mental vacation for a change. It has been really really good for me. I was thinking about what writing and particularly writing on this blog means to me. Writing is the one thing that I have been able to focus on even when I am at my most stressed out times in teaching. I love to look back at what I wrote because each thing I've written is like a snapshot of where I was at that time. If my blog were an album of snapshots, then these five posts were my favorites. They are my favorite posts not necessarily because they are the bests things I've written to be read, but because they are my favorite memories of writing. Some of them are happy and some of them are sad, but all of them were written with a lot of emotion.

5.) I've Got to Admit This post means a lot to me because it expresses the change in me in my third year and the healing that did take place.

4.) The PICU This moment in my life had been so impactful on me that this post means a lot to me. The feelings that I had were so strong that the words were just pouring out of me along with tears.

3.) What to Do? What to Do? I wrote this post when I was having a really hard time. Sometimes when I read my writing from when I was having a really big struggle I can't even hear my own voice. I don't think my quality of writing in this post was anything to write home about, but I like it because it reminds me that my voice as a writer and a teacher wasn't completely lost in those hard times. I would still agree with every word I wrote here.

2.) Close Encounters
I was proud of this post because it expresses the connection of my faith to my life and teaching. I felt this post when I wrote it.

1.) The Things No One Tells You I chose this post as my favorite piece of writing on this blog because I think it is my clearest expression of my struggle in teaching. I was just crying when I wrote this because I was so stressed out with the possibility of losing my job and with the way I was treated at my job in the previous year, but at the same time I didn't want to quit. Writing this was very therapeutic to me.

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