Thursday, October 15, 2009

I've Got to Admit It's Getting...Well You Know.

I remember, once, when I was a little girl I had a terrible flu. It was Easter. I was always sick on Easter (hopefully that is not a bad omen). The day I was better was the best feeling. Suddenly, there was a cool place on my pillow. The sun outside felt amazing!

I would have forgotten the sun and the coolness that day, if the previous day hadn't been tough. Something about healing, though, makes the day better. It made me better too.

I am in a phase of my life right now that is like that beautiful day. It's been the end of a crisis. It's strange but the sun feels better. The stars shine a little brighter. The melody of life sounds right.

You are probably thinking that I sound like I fell in love, and that will do it too, but this isn't about that. I actually haven't met anyone. It's just that I'm on the other side of a crisis now. I think I have had an ennui of the soul since college. I was never sure if I was on the right path. I think I have found my path now in some way that I hadn't before.


rachelheather said...

I found your blog tonight and I am so thankful for it. I just finished week 10 of my first year of teaching. I teach 10th grade English to students who, on average, read on a 6th-7th grade level. I have found myself surrounded by a lot of negativity and it is wonderful to find a positive voice in all the noise. I hope you don't mind if I keep following along.

ms.understood said...

Glad to know you found my random musings helpful. That sounds like a tough assignment for your first year!