Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Do I Have the Flu? Could It Be True?

It always sucks getting up at 5am, but today was different. I could not do it. It took me an hour to respond to my alarm and I was so tired I didn't get to work until 7:10. I always get there between 6 and 7. I thought I would be okay, but my fatigue got so much worse throughout the day. When my kids were at Music, I seriously considered laying down on the floor of my classroom and sleeping.

By lunchtime, my appetite was gone and I was starting to get a terrible headache. I ended up going home by 1pm and leaving sub plans for tomorrow. On the drive home, I was crying like a baby. Don't ask me why, but that always happens when I get really sick. I slept straight through from 2-5pm. I did eat dinner now, and I feel better although still really tired. I think my feeling better might be a result of the large amount of Advil I took. Hopefully, this will be a short term virus and not the Swine Flu or something. The test will be when the Advil wears off...

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