Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My Thoughts on IEPs, Behavior Plans, and the Modern Approach

When did discipline become antiquated?

Our "problem students"

Over Medicated...

Strategized, Categorized, Analyzed, Catalyzed... To what end?

Oh child, you haven't got a friend.

Why should hard work be ameliorated?

Difficult tasks and words and thoughts


Politicized, Economized, Patronized, Glitterized... All this...for who?

You lost your will to pursue!


Information Intoxicated

Pop-Culture Indoctrinated

ADD and ODD and OCD and ADHD

Victims of DNA?

Does your disorder leave you incarcerated?

Poor choices should be anticipated.

Self-control obliterated!

Millennial Kids We Tried to Protect

We Failed to Correct, Expect, and Affect


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