Thursday, October 1, 2009

My Very Own Max

A new student started in my class last week. He announced to my class the first day that he comes from Harry Potter School. Yesterday he told another teacher that he is actually thirteen. Today, during his Reading intervention he announced to the K-3 teacher that he fell asleep when he was three and can't remember anything until he saw some colorful lights and then he was five!

This kid has such an elaborate fantasy life. At first, the other kids thought he was being outrageous. "What?" one of them exclaimed, "he said he went to Harry Potter School!" I downplayed it and watched to see what would happen. It seems like the other kids are actually appreciating his very active fantasy life. In some sense, though, he believes his tall tales are real. Developmentally, he should be way passed that phase, but his magical worldview is kind of charming and special.

His real life must make his life in his head so much more appealing. He is living in a hotel with his mom and brother and they are living of an annual income that is four figures. He hasn't been in school for the first seven weeks because his mom forgot to enrol him.

I understand why he is the way he is. I actually admire his imagination. Yet, I am torn about how to help him. Do I refer him to counseling where they might make him find a different way to cope? I don't know yet. I do know that even though he is obviously going to be a challenge and is grade levels behind, I am glad to know him. He really is special.

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