Friday, October 2, 2009

Unhappy Hour: What to Do When Your Ex Shows Up

Ex-Principal, that is.

I don't go to Happy Hour after work very frequently, but I decided to go this week because a friend from work who had a hard week was going and I wanted to go with her. It was at a teacher's house from work, and I showed up at about 3:30. The food was good, and I was thinking about what a nice time I was having. THEN... Guess who walked in?! Principal Sadie.

I haven't seen her since that awful last day of school and I was pretty happy about that. When she walked in, I must have looked like I saw a ghost. My heart started beating really fast, and I was trying to make an exit plan.

I really could not think of a tactful exit plan, so I went outside with everyone who was playing beer pong. I don't play beer pong, but I knew Principal Sadie would not go out there. So, I stayed out there for about an hour, but there was a problem: I left my keys on the table inside, and my Ex (principal that is) was sitting right by them. "Great," I thought, "there is going to be no leaving without talking to her."

I walked over to the table and we said uneasy hello/how are you's. I tried to open my mouth to make my excuses and bee line for the door. Unfortunately, it felt like my tongue was growing larger and I couldn't quite get any words out.

Unfortunately, the awkward silence I initiated led to her initiating an even more awkward conversation. I knew, if she saw me, she was going to go there, but it still shocked me a little.

"How's third grade?" she asked in a sugary sweet voice.

I tried to say "It's good." Did I say, "It good" or even "i goo" or something more incoherent? I don't know, at this point I was just wondering how long I had to wait to make my excuse and get out.

"I heard you're doing well?" she continued. Apparently, not noticing the you shot my puppy style look on my face. Mrs. Music, who was also at the table chimed in, "she's so good her class..."

At this point, I realized this conversation was not going to end naturally. As much as I wanted to be classy, I started to be rude. I asked the other teacher if she could please hand me my keys and I told them I had to meet my mom at six, and had to leave. I don't even think I apologized for being so abrupt.

I just needed to get away. I cannot play this game with her where she passive aggressively goes on about how great she was for doing the things she did. I don't want to argue with her either. I just want to have no contact with her. A clean break...You know?

Isn't that how it's supposed to be with ex's--even if they are ex-principals?

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