Saturday, October 24, 2009

Scary School: A Halloween Edition

It was midnight. The scariest day of the year had begun: It was report card day. The big dark school was empty save one teacher finishing the third grade report cards. The only sound to be heard was the proverbial tapping of Ms. Understood's keyboard.

Ms. Understood slumped over her keyboard and fell into a troubled sleep as she worried over the "F"s she had given. She peeled one tired eye open and noticed a strange light seeping under the door from the dark hallway.

She followed the light until she found it's source. It was coming from room 13, the former time out room. Use of the time out room had been halted years ago due to the popular opinion that it hurt the self-esteem of good little children. With a trembling hand, Ms. Understood opened the door.

The room was empty. No furniture. No people. Nothing, except for one sheet of paper laying in the corner. The paper was face down, but something red seemed to glow within it. She turned it over. The words: "I Know What You Did Last Semester" glared at her in red pen. She was horrified! Everyone knows that writing in red pen damages students!!!

She dropped the paper and turned to run out. Before she could leave the door slammed shut. "You're in time out now, Ms. Understood," said a childlike voice, "You've been a bad teacher."

Ms. Understood tried to scream, but couldn't find the strength. She was never heard from again.

truth: The only facts in this post are that I was doing report cards by myself after dark in the school. It really is scary.

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