Friday, October 30, 2009

Never Throw Your Pearls to the Swines

Their heeeeeeeeeeere! Swine Flu has broken out at my school. There are two confirmed cases in third grade. Sadly, one student is in the hospital on breathing machines tonight.

As of Monday:
  1. The kids are not allowed to use the drinking fountains anymore.
  2. The kids have to wash their hands several times daily.
  3. We have to give hand washing lessons.
  4. The use of bathroom passes at school is prohibited.

Hopefully this can really be contained. Reports from people that I know are that it is very very severe.

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Debor said...

It's been going through my school for awhile now. I have had 4 cases in my class of 18 second graders. That I know of. Because, of course, privacy laws prohibit me from asking if they have or had it.

We had guests from a rather famous meat company (where they apparently wash their hands a lot, thank goodnes!) come in and do a handwashing lesson and germ demonstration with our kids. Thankfully, so far my kiddos have come through it just fine.

Prayers to your student!