Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Quote Board

My students were reading a story set in Japan. They previewed the text by looking at the pictures. One picture depicted a Japanese family eating dinner.
"What do you predict will be the central problem in the story?" I asked.
"They don't have a table!" declared one of the kids in my class.

One of the spelling words was batch.
One of the kids in my class mispelled the word by replacing the "a" with an "i".
You fill in the blanks there...

I found this note on my desk.
Our Class is Red
Violets Are Blue
Your Smile is Yellow
I Love You!
Maybe I should lay off the coffee...

One of my colleagues accidentally cc'ed the following e-mail to the principal.
Dear Teacher Friend,
The new principal sent me an observation date on this day. I know I will be out of town. Should I tell him?

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Ms. Sylaneous said...

LOL! that's funny! My mom was a teacher for close to 30 years AND she taught 5th grade special education (of which most of the student weren't special needs, they were mostly students with behavioral problems)... SOOO I can relate to this post because my mom certainly had several stories! LOL