Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Teacher Becomes the Student

So, I gave TeacherGuy a little test today. He wanted to go out again, and I had concerns with him because he seemed like he couldn't handle my personality. I think he belongs with a girl who is more demure and bashful. So, I decided to bring my bold and confident side to the date and see how he handled it.

So, I got to the coffee shop first. He was a little late, so I texted him to see if he wanted anything and I bought the coffee. I bought the coffee and food. It was totally natural in that situation, but I thought it might throw him off. I was right.

He did not like that I bought the food. I am not opposed to a little traditionalism, but I want someone who doesn't need to always be in control. I also decided to wear my hair in a ponytail instead of down and wear jeans.

He didn't pass the test because I wanted him to feel confident and secure if I came across as more independent. I think, though, he saw what I was already feeling. He needs someone different than me and I need someone different than him.

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luckeyfrog said...


Sounds like the perfect way to test out your doubts about the relationship.

I know my fiance would have been uncomfortable if I paid for something on one of our first dates, but he wouldn't have been THAT uncomfortable- and now we alternate most of the time anyway.

I think it's always hard to turn down a great guy- because great guys are hard to find. But it's not worth dating a great guy that's not right for you.