Saturday, July 10, 2010

What Do I Really Want?

In The Odyssey, Penelope is the wife of Odysseus. She waits for him for twenty years. During the twenty years, when Odysseus is presumed dead, Penelope is pursued by over one hundred suitors. She resists them all, and eventually she is rewarded when Odysseus returns dressed as a beggar and finds she has been faithful to him all along.

Since I have opened the door to my dating issues, I have to say that most of my friends think I am crazy to harbor such a traditional view of dating and sex and marriage. I just think that maybe it could be as romantic to wait for the arrival of Odysseus as it is to wait for his return.

I like Penelope because she is okay to be on her own until she can have the right one. Lately, I have felt like I have a lot of suitors coming out of the woodwork. Not only with the internet dating, but my friends have been bringing a lot of guys around, and even last night just going out, I had so many guys wanting to call me. My friends think I should pursue many of these things, and I think I should start dating. The thing is that I will not pursue deadends. I don't want a hundred suitors. I just want one Odysseus.

What would he be like? I think he should be a nice guy who really respects me, and cares about what is on the inside (it's okay if he does care about the outside just not exclusively). He has to be smart enough to follow my conversation and funny enough that he doesn't take life too seriously. How's it going looking for him? Well, I think I have eliminated quite a few suitors, already. Now, we will see how it goes with the guys that seem like maybes.

A Short Update:
SweetExerciseGuy keeps calling me, but I haven't returned his calls because I just don't trust him.
PreLawGuy wants me to have dinner with him on Monday. I agreed to MEET him--we'll see.
ChristianBusinessGuy keeps e-mailing me, but I think we would clash, so I am not sure.
PoliceOfficerGuy hasn't written to me in a couple of days. We'll see about him.

I did meet another guy online. He is a teacher and a bit religious, but seems less fundamental than ChristianBusinessGuy. I also met PilotGuy when I went out last night. So cheesey, he gave me his card, but I think I will not call him.

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