Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Dating Game

No, I haven't met anyone else yet. SweetExerciseGuy is very very persistent. I'll give him that. Maybe he is trying to show me that he really wants to go out with me, but my question is why does he really really want to go out with me when he doesn't know me. It makes me even more suspicious of him.

SouthernGentleman wants to meet me next week because he is going home to Texas this weekend. He has really charmed me via e-mail. Maybe southern charm? I actually really want to meet him. We will see if he is as he seems.

PoliceOfficerGuy is e-mailing me again. I think he is trying to ask me out for this weekend, but he is using the "what are you up to this weekend?" line. I do like him, but he lives a little bit further than the others and I am a little intimidated that he is either six or seven years older than me.

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