Monday, July 5, 2010

What Did I Get Myself Into??

I promise not to turn this blog into the Dating Game, but you might be hearing a lot about this subject for the month of July since I am trying Internet dating for this month only, and I am still on my mental vacation from teaching. I think this experience will be good for me even if I don't meet anyone I really like because I can already tell that my issues with relationships are going to become much more apparent to me.

So, what has been like so far? Well, I haven't agreed to meet anyone yet. Over twenty-five guys (I am not exactly sure how many because I deleted most of them) winked at me, which I guess means they are interested. I got a bunch of e-mails too, but I only answered a couple. I am little freaked out by the magnitude of activity. I am a little freaked out that some guys who are around forty think I will go out with them.

So far, I have been talking to four guys. I am going to give nicknames to them and I will report on what happens. The four guys are ChristianBusinessGuy, PoliceOfficerGuy, SweetExerciseGuy, and PreLawGuy. I already feel conflicted about ChristianBusinessGuy even though I think I have the most in common with him. He is twenty-eight and serious about his faith. I think I have mixed emotions about whether someone like him could be right for me because I went to a really conservative christian college and I felt like it was controlling. I am still feeling conflicted about how to be free and live out my beliefs. I do want to know more about him, and I think I see myself with someone like him in the long term, but I would be lying if I said it didn't bring up some issues I am still struggling with. I like PoliceOfficerGuy because I have a serious thing for cops. We'll have to see when I meet him, but I think I would be attracted to him. I also respect that he is in civil service. He is thirty-one which isn't a huge age gap, but I have never dated someone more than three years older than me. You might be able to tell I like SweetExerciseGuy because he was the only name with a complimentary qualifier. BUT even though he seems great, I suspect that he might be a player. That one could take me a while to figure out, but he seems to know how to talk to women. I trust people who don't know what they are doing a lot more. PreLawGuy seems like someone who would fit right into my life. He is twenty-five (the same age as me). He is pre-law at the local university and used to teach seventh grade at a Catholic School in the area.

My best friend is helping me sort through all of these guys. I really don't even know where to start! Don't worry I am being safe, and I will only meet someone if I meet someone in a public place.

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Literacy Teacher said...

This post is funny.
I met about 5 or 6 guys via the internet over ten years ago. .... I married one too! Meeting him was a fluke (another time for that story).. BUT we chatted via instant messenger for almost a year before we actually met in person. Turns out we lived 5 minutes from each other!
SO have fun, be safe, and remember about 50% of online guys fib!!

Good luck!