Sunday, July 11, 2010

Dating ADD

Holy Cow~! The guys just keep writing to me. I feel like I cannot focus at all. In normal dating, I can consider one guy at a time. In internet dating, I have to consider a lot of guys all at once. It makes me feel kind of confused.

Tomorrow, I am having dinner with PreLaw guy. What does he not know? My two best friends are having dinner accross the restaurant in case he is crazy. I think that seems safer... Maybe if I decide to meet more people, I will come up with a better system.

Another guy contacted me. My nickname for him is SouthernGentleman. He e-mailed me and actually got an answer because he says he is new to the big city and wants to meet friends. Plus, he looks very cute. Plus, my roots are southern and I like southern people. He is twenty-three, but he just graduated college and moved out here for a job. I could see some potential in him for sure.

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