Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Little Sad

I went out with PreLawGuy again, and he is so great. He is everything I want, less one thing. It's a big thing though.

We went to dinner again we had such a great time talking. We both wanted to keep hanging out so we went to Coldstone and a movie too. He was so polite and he seems like he would be the perfect boyfriend. For someone someday he seems like he'd be the perfect husband too. If I made a list of everything I want in a boyfriend or a husband, He would check every box off.

If I could write my own story and make it come true, I would say we kissed and it was magical. I would say that I could barely finish my dinner for the butterflies. The fact is that I managed to eat an entire plate of Phat Thai and icecream and I probably could have continued. The fact is that he held my hand at the movie, but I didn't feel anything. The fact is that we didn't kiss because my heart didn't lead me in that direction.

All through dinner I could only think about how much I like him. We have such a good connection. He seems genuinely interested in my thoughts (which is a rare find in dates). It's just the wrong kind of connection.

What's worse is I'm going to have to tell him this. I am sure it will be a blow--even though it shouldn't be because there is nothing wrong with him. I wish let's just be friends wasn't cliche and was possible in this situation.

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Miss Teacha said...

don't friendships grow into connections?