Monday, July 26, 2010

SouthernGentleman Disappoints

I haven't decided if SouthernGentleman gets a second chance or not. We were supposed to meet Sunday night at seven, and I will say, at the onset, he told me that he might have to drive his friend to the airport. He works for an airline, so he got his friend a deal and the flight schedule was flexible. I was waiting to get ready until I heard from him. I was getting annoyed by Sunday afternoon that I hadn't heard from him, so I texted him. He didn't answer me until 5:00 that his friend didn't make the flight!

I don't now, maybe all of his stories are true. How do I know if he is a liar or not?! I just didn't answer his second text message because I was annoyed. Maybe I am passing up a great guy because of circumstances beyond his control or maybe I am dodging a bullet. How can I be sure?


Miss Teacha said...

i wish i could give advice on this one...a real southern gentleman would've communicated a little better

ms.understood said...

I SO agree Miss Teacha. He is not really a southern gentleman. I think PreLawGuy is a much better gentleman!