Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Update

PreLawGuy: This guy has e-mailed me a few times now. I like that he is smart to the point of being nerdy! He was in academic decathalon, and I was all about debate club in high school. I don't often meet anyone that I can be as intellectual as I am around. I think this guy might rival my fat reading list, nerdy school tendencies, and obscure referrences in conversation. I also like that he is twenty-five. I could date someone older than me, but there is something comfortable about someone who is my age. This guy is my favorite so far.

PoliceOfficerGuy: This guy seems very nice. He's e-mailed me a couple of times too. He lives somewhat far and I don't really see how we could have a relationship, but he seems really cute. I do feel the need to confess to him that I've had two tickets this year. Maybe he won't like that!

ChristianBusinessGuy: I still like this guy, but continue to have reservations about him being to churchy...

SweetExerciseGuy: I talked to this guy on the phone. He is very funny, but I am still concerned about his intentions. He'll be sorely disappointed if he thinks he can "hook up" or something, but his personality seems nice. He hasn't said or done anything inappropriate. I just have my reservations about him...

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luckeyfrog said...

I, for one, am looking forward to living vicariously through you and your dating experiences! :)

In my experience, if you are getting a 'player' vibe... trust your instinct. Or at least keep him pretty far back on the back burner until you've given the other guys a chance, especially Pre-Law guy!