Saturday, July 17, 2010

I Should Have Seen This Coming

I think that I am not the kind of person who can date more than one guy at a time. First, it is confusing. I should really stop giving them nicknames on this blog because I find myself talking to my friends and family about them using their nicknames. I am having trouble keeping their real names straight and nothing good can come of this. Second, it only makes me more sure that I don't know what I want.

Plus, I feel guilty. I know they are dating other girls, but they probably don't feel bad about it. For example, right now, I find myself most drawn to SouthernGentleman and I don't know why. So, I find myself hoping to hear from him even though I am going out with TeacherGuy tomorrow. Then, today, PreLawGuy called me to ask me to dinner again on Thursday. I said yes, because my head really wants me to like him since we have so much in common, but I hate to be the girl that makes him think I really like him just to let him down. Then, more guys keep asking me out, but I feel too confused to even consider them because of PoliceOfficerGuy and TeacherGuy and SouthernGentleman and PreLawGuy. I don't feel an emotional attachment to any of them, but I am starting to think I am playing with fire.

I mean, honestly, only so long can go on before a lot of feelings get involved. The idea of that makes me more than a little nauseous. I've been on both sides of heartbreaking before and neither one is any good. It makes me want to just draw the line at one date until I am sure, but that is crazy and that can't happen!


luckeyfrog said...

Oh man, I'd feel the exact same way. Keeping track of what each guy has told you has got to be nerve-wracking and tough!

I'd feel guilty, too. It feels like you're cheating even if you're being open with them!

The good news is that you seem to be narrowing down the group a little, so hopefully it'll slow down a lot soon. Good luck! :)

nisha said...

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