Monday, July 19, 2010

Date Number 2

This is all getting very confusing. I went out with TeacherGuy last night. He was very cute. He is definitely in good shape and was polite. Our conversation was not as good as my date with PreLawGuy, but I was more attracted to him, and I think he was nervous so maybe he would get better at talking to me. The funny thing was we ran into some of his students. He wants me to go out with him next weekend again.

Here's my confession, though. SouthernGentleman wanted me to call him this weekend while he was home in Texas. I told him that I just can't call boys and he could probably understand that being from Texas. Anyway, he called right in the middle of my date with TeacherGuy and I found myself really wanting to talk to him. I haven't even met SouthernGentleman. I don't know what the appeal of that guy is to me.

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Mrs. H said...

Being a Texan, I am rooting for Southern Gentlemen.

There's nothing better than a well raised "Texas Boy". Unfortunately they are a dying breed. My classes used to be filled with young men who said yes ma'am and no ma'am to me whenever I asked them to do something. These days, I see it less and less.

But seriously, you have to go with your gut feeling. I have really enjoyed these posts about your dating adventures. Keep em up!