Sunday, July 4, 2010

July of Guys????

Shhhhhhh... Don't tell, but I did what my mom expressly told me not to do. No, it was nothing dirty (please don't go there).

It began like most good ideas. My best friend was over at my house last night and she was playing bar tender. My roommate and I have an abundance of half empty liquor bottles. We tend to buy something when we have people over and never finish it. So, my friend was melting popsicles in my microwave and inventing all sorts of weird drinks. I hardly drank anything because one of these drinks looked like a lava lamp and many tasted like Robitussin, but I did drink enough to be open to suggestion after a while.

So, we called up my other friend. This would be my "crazy" friend. It is the friend everyone has. She's the one who makes you do crazy things you would never do without her. So, my "crazy" friend is like "let's sign up for e-harmony because it's free right now." So, we were using my computer and it took forever and was not fun, so we went to instead. We made an account, but I didn't sign up for it.

So, we wrote a profile for me, and I got a lot of response. Twelve people "winked" at me last night and I set it so you could only see my profile if you live in this city. Anyway, some of the guys seemed like pretty good guys, so I signed up for one month. I figured that if they were all big freaks then I would quit and if I liked some of them then it would be worth it. We will see. Let the games begin!

In other news, I found out today that my brother's wife is expecting baby number two. Personally, it gives me a booming headache to think about them having another kid in their financial situation. I am excited for a second nephew or niece, though!

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