Friday, January 8, 2010


As a teacher, there is a side of me that is very maternal. I get called mom at least ten times a day, and from seven forty-five until two thirty five I am like a mom. It is a job, but when you are working with kids--especially young kids--it's like a family. They look at you and they trust you. When they are sad, they feel better just to be near you. Not being a parent, I can't imagine how much more it must be with your own kids.

It was really really hard today when I went to see my little student in the Children's Hospital. She is still in the pediatric icu, and they don't know for how long yet. It is really hard to know she is constantly hurting and to know that no one knows how long this is going to last.

I was just so happy to see her when I was there because she has been on my mind so much, but tonight it is just really sad thinking of her still being there--indefinitely.

She really lit up when we came in. Her grandparents said that was the first time she smiled in a long time, and I felt really good being there, but there is a very real pain with having the kind of relationship a teacher has with a child and watching that child in pain like that. In my teaching career, I have never had and I never anticipated a situation like that, but I am really sad right now. I really don't know how people work at the Children's Hospital all the time because I think I would cry everyday. It is just so sad to see little ones that sick.

Please pray for a speedy and full recovery for this girl. Please pray for her parents too; I can't imagine what they must be going through.

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