Sunday, January 3, 2010

I Have Issues

Everytime that I think I am organized, I decide to reorganize and find piles of papers I never passed out and remember spreadsheets I swore to make that I never finished. I did what I shouldn't have done on Saturday and went into the school to get something. I decided to make a new seating arrangement and looked in the supply bins at each table.

Looking into the abyss of the student supply bins led me to thinking about how I could help them keep organized. So, I dumped the boxes the markers and crayons came in and put the drawing supplies in separate cups.

The cups idea made me remember that I meant to change our pencil plan to a more shared policy, so collected all the individual pencils and moved them to a community cup.

Seeing a spare pencil in the textbook cubbies bin reminded me that I wanted to get rid of the trays their textbooks were in because the textbooks were too heavy and many trays were cracking. So, I moved the textbooks out of the trays.

Getting the spare trays reminded me that I wanted to add a couple of bins for specific classwork. Those bins reminded me that I wanted to change the grading bins on my desk. That reminded me that I wanted to change the classroom jobs again. That reminded me that I needed to make excel spreadsheets so the kids could check things off according to my new jobs.

You probably get the idea. I should never enter the building during a break or the break is over.

That being said, it is kind of nice that everything is in order. For now!

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A Reader's Community said...

We don't start school until the 20th (I'm in Australia)but I'm heading in tomorrow to begin getting the room ready - I anticipate a similar domino-effects of events :)