Monday, January 11, 2010

So Long, Have Fun at Harry Potter School

One of my students moved to another school today. This student has only been in my class for nine weeks because he wasn't enrolled in class. He has been a bit of a challenge. He told crazy, fantasy-filled stories when he first came. He told my class that he came from Harry Potter School and that he is really twelve. He talks very loudly and very slowly.

He talks so slowly and loudly that it leads to some funny situations. One day, I had the kids doing a fluency activity where half of the class was reading a passage and then the other half was trying to read the passage with greater unity. Finally, the side of the class this kid was on said to me, "Can he just be our leader because we can't hear past his voice!" They won.

Anyway, this kid drove me crazy sometimes, but I am going to miss him a lot.

I have really loved teaching this group of kids. I am going to miss every one of them when they move on. They have made a huge impact on me, more than any group I've taught so far.

The little girl from China who has been learning English really reminded me what makes teaching so worth it even when it is hard. My little friend from Harry Potter School taught me a lot about seeing beauty in hard situations. The little girl battling cancer is a picture of courage and tenacity that will be with me always.

The hearts of all of my students have impacted me. Watching how they have befriended someone who cannot speak the same language, when one of my students just wanted to give his teddy bear to the little girl with cancer, when they've made big mistakes and still owned them, all of these things stay with me.

I am really trying to soak in all the great times I have had teaching this year. I really want to remember them, and when I might feel discouraged again, I'll remember that sometimes things go right and I am nothing but lucky and privileged to have the job I do.

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