Sunday, December 20, 2009

You Can Take the Teacher out of the Classroom But You Can Never Take the Teaching out of the Teacher

When I was a senior in college this woman from S. Korea moved into my dorm (a few rooms down from me). She spoke English, but not fluently. From day one, she struggled. I helped her write papers and helped her comprehend her Reading. I did it because she was working hard and I respected what she was trying to do. She was probably the most grateful student I've ever had. She used to make me this tea from S. Korea she called "princess tea." She always told me to drink it because to her I was a princess. She also made me soooo much Korean food that I actually gained about five pounds. I recieved the following e-mail yesterday.

Hello Ms. Understood,
Have you been well? I hope the things there are going well. Guess what?
I graduated college last Saturday. Isn't it amazing? I made it.
The first semester was the hardest one that I have ever had before, but by God's grace, He put you in my life to finish the first semester well. I felt like it was not going to finish the first semester for ever and ever.

I'll end up doing in Korea and help a new Christian school in Korea.
Many sisters and brothers in Christ have been praying for a new Chrsitan school for 20 years. It will be started in few years and I will be involved in setting up the programs as a staff or a codinator. You are the first person in my list. If Lord's willing, we can see the other side of this world. Yay!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Lately I have been more than a little perturbed about the politics of education. I don't know what it will be like for me if I lose my job due to the state's budget crisis. I don't know what the future in the classroom will be like with so much hanging on what the state decides. This e-mail, though, reminds me what being a teacher is about. It is about helping people (of any age) gain skills to be successful in life and realize their dreams. It was a blessing to get a thank you for the teaching work I did before I was a teacher. I don't know what the future holds and I might not be a classroom teacher next year, but I'll always be a person who helps others learn when the opportunity is there. I guess in that sense, I'll always be a teacher.

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