Thursday, December 17, 2009

So Not the Exit I Was Hoping For

I had two boys in my class get in trouble today. Principal's Office trouble. They informed me (through many many many tears) after chatting with the principal that he told them he and I and the two of them would talk to them and decide on their punishment after lunch.

So, I showed up at the beginning of lunch and the two of them were almost hysterical. Obviously, this wasn't going to be a short meeting, so the principal told me to go get lunch and he would take care of the rest.

"Okay," I said (happy to go to lunch since the PTO catered). I opened the door to the hallway while I was still looking in on the meeting and was saying something to the boys as I stepped out the door. Then, I turned around and realized I had stepped not into the hallway, but into the closet. There was no recovering from that. "This is a closet," I said. "I am just going to go out that way," I indicated pointing to the door.

The funny incident was completely lost on the boys who were still wailing.

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