Monday, December 28, 2009

My Favorite Fashion Trends of 2009

When I was a senior in college all the girls in my program went to a teacher's convention and we made a secret pact. A pact never to fall victim to some unfortunate teacher's fashion trends. I have kept that pact. Who says teachers can't wear cute clothes?!!!

10.) Scarves. I can't wear these too often here, but I think they make a very nice addition to almost any winter outfit. This scarf is from the Gap.


9.)Leggings. Okay, I know people hate this, but I like them. They're comfortable and they make getting out of the car in a slightly short skirt much easier (if you're not the type to give the world a show). These leggings can be found at Nordstrom's. Look at Nordstrom's Rack, though, and save your money. (

8.) Bermuda Shorts. Yes, it is more of a summer trend, but I just thank God that short shorts are not the only choice anymore. They are really not flattering on anyone. These shorts are at Dillards. (

7.) Mineral Powder. This makeup really is much better for skin and it looks better too.

6.) Immitation Ugs. This trend is short-lived here in the desert, but these boots are really really comfortable. These boots are from DSW. (

5.) Cardigans. I have to buy cardigans made out of t-shirt material and with short sleeves if possible because it is hot here, but I love these because it makes an outfit you would wear around town much more professional for work. This cardigan is from Target. (

4.) Skinny Jeans. I love skinny jeans and I wear them almost every day. These are from Forever21! (

3.) Flat Irons for Hair. For those of us with really really thick hair, this fashion trend is amazing. I hate how it takes so much time, but I love the look.

2.) Chunky Jewelry! I love wearing a big necklace and earrings. I don't have many big bracelets, but I would if I had discretionary income! This bracelet is from New York and Co. (

1.) Big Bags! I love carrying a big purse that can fit my laptop--well my school district's laptop--and my books! This bag is from Target. (

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