Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Cheer and Trying to Think of Other Things

I've been trying not to be completely consumed by my job. I am trying to have a normal weekend. I am trying to think of other things and not a little girl with cancer. I still woke up at 3:50am thinking about it. Sometimes I am really dysfunctional in my obsession with my job. In this case, I think I would be more dysfunctional if I wasn't. Anyway, here are some cheery holiday moments I've had recently.

1.) BFFs Team and I went shopping and bought four matching adult flannel footie pajamas featuring Mickey Mouse Santas. We are going to wear them to pajama day at our school. Can I just say, that I tried mine on and they were a little tight (bordering on inappropriate). Everyone on my team is pretty small, but I am really small (5'1'', 110 pounds). If it is slightly tight on me, I can only imagine how tight the other sets must be!

2.) Oddly enough, just after I posted about my lack of dating life, I was contacted by the guy my teammate has been wanting me to go out with. He wants to go on a date, and as tempted as I was to say no because I have a feeling this won't work out. (I mean, he hates books and I am the biggest book nerd you'll ever meet.) I said yes.

3.)Our staff holiday party this year is an ugly Christmas sweater party, and in place of a white elephant gift exchange it is a worst student present received gift exchange. Folks, I borrowed the ugliest Christmas sweater ever from my Aunt. (This holiday season is really bringing down my fashion sense.)

4.) It looks like I'll make it past another graduate school bill without a loan. It was such hard work, but I am still loan free and I have only two graduate school bills left before I will have my Master's Degree. I just have to pray that the RIF rumors aren't true and I'll still be gainfully employed next year!

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