Sunday, December 27, 2009

My Top Ten Books Ever

Last night, we went out to celebrate my friend's twenty-fifth birthday. Her husband rented a hummer stretch limo. We were all over town, but everyone was making fun of me because I brought my big bag containing the three books I am reading. I didn't do it on purpose, and believe me at some point during that night I am not sure I could have read at all, but I always carry books with me. It's just a habit I developed a long time ago.

This list of books represents the books I carry with me in my head all the time. I have read most of them many many times and they change the way I think about things.

10.)To End All Wars
I can't believe the power of this true story. Don't watch the movie because it really missed the mark, but do read this book!!!
9.) Angela's Ashes
I am reading the sequel to this book right now, and maybe that is why I thought of it, but it really got in my head. Poverty is poverty. It was easier for me to learn about poverty from an irish man who faced it twenty years ago than from the many children I've known in poverty, but I identify with a book reading irish man, what can I say?
8.) To Kill a Mockingbird
My roots are very southern. It is easy for me to see a small southern town (even one from twenty years before I was born) in my mind's eye. The characters in this book really speak to me and the narrator reminds me of my own mother.
7.) Jane Eyre
I like a lot of literature from this genre. I own all of Jane Austin's books and I own a fair amount of Dickens, but Jane Eyre is the book that most impacted me. Maybe because she is a teacher...
6.) Gone with the Wind
Why do I like this book? It has it all: romance, history, suspense, and comedy. I was raised to love this book. Really. I don't own a copy, though, can you believe it? For years I've wanted to steal my mother's copy which I used to read frequently when I lived at home. I guess someday I inherit it since I am the only girl...
5.) Not Without My Daughter
I don't have any definitive reasons about why this book meant so much to me. As a woman, I really like to read woman authors who speak honestly about their lives. I have read this book many many times.
4.) The Great Divorce
C.S. Lewis is the kind of author who makes me want to keep reading the same page of his book over and over. He paints a beautiful picture with words. I chose this particular book of his because it made me see the divine in every day life so much more.
3.) The Harry Potter Series
Laugh if you will, but these are honestly some of my favorite books. The first book came out when I was twelve, but I never opened one of these until my junior year of college. I think when I discovered these books I lost two weeks of college life sitting in my dorm room reading all of them in a row. The thing that I love about these books is their focus on courage in the face of evil. I have to be honest, I have never made it through all of The Chronicles of Narnia series. Why? I relate far more to Harry and his crew than I do to Edward and his crew. I do intend to read the rest of C.S. Lewis' books, but I'll never be up all night reading them like I was Harry Potter because that is my generation. I am so glad J.K. Rowling brought a little bit of this literary tradition to my generation.
2.) The Shack
It took me forever to start reading this book. I didn't think I would like it, but it really impacted me. It is the first modern book dealing exclusively with theology proper I would want to reread. I must admit, I've only read this book cover to cover once, but it is still new to me. It is sitting on my shelf, though, and I will read this book again thoroughly when I need to one day, and I know I will.
1.) The Diary of Anne Frank
I put this book as number one because it has spoken to me over the years in many different voices. I put this book on the list because one little girl's words stood and stand still against the evil regime. When I was in fifth grade, I read this book for the first time. That is the first time (at least the first time I remember that I read a book in one sitting). I loved Anne because she seemed like a best friend I would have. I don't know how many times I have read that book now, but since I have been a teacher she reminds me of a favorite student I would have. I always cry now when I read the part where Anne's teacher at the public school cries with her because she is no longer allowed to attend the public school. Anyway, I had to put this book as number one because is has always meant so much to me.

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Literacy Teacher said...

I, too, love books and B&N. I have had a serious book addiction for a long, long time. I have been substitute teaching the past few years and have become a library lover! I, still, however, by children's books more than I should. I agree with a few of your choices, and others I have never read!
Thanks for sharing your list!