Friday, December 18, 2009

Breakin It Down: The Top Ten Reasons I Am Glad to Be a Teacher Right Now

10.) Two Weeks Off!!!
9.) Sleeping in every day (except tomorrow because I have to go to defensive driving school) for two weeks
8.) Drinking coffee slowly in the morning for the next two weeks
7.) Staying Out of Morning Traffic for Two Whole Weeks
6.) Spending the Barnes and Noble Gift Card I Got Today and Wasting a Whole Day or Two Reading Books
5.) Watching Terrible Morning Television
4.) Eating the copious supply of chocolate I received today
3.) Staying Up Late whenever I Want to for Two Weeks
2.) Getting Ready for my Day Slowly for Two Weeks (taking a shower in the morning rather than at night to save time)
1.) Eating real meals at lunch for the next two weeks

Ha ha ha
Ho ho ho

Merry Christmas All!!!

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