Saturday, December 26, 2009

Holiday Best and Worst 2009

My roommate is dating this guy who works on ratings and stats for a local t.v. station. I love watching the news and was asking him about various stories and how they were covered. He told me I should have my own opinion show. I said, "I wish I got paid for sharing all my opinions!" Well, that is clearly not going to happen, but I thought I would end 2009 with some list posts about opinions since I am on hiatus from teaching for another week anyway. This first post will be about the top ten things I loved and hated from this holiday seasons.

10.) Advent
I love that so many protestant churches recognized and honored the more formal tradition of advent. What a great way to help us remember the true meaning of Christmas throughout the season!
9.) Sufjan's Christmas Albums
I love these CDs soooo much I've listened to them in other seasons, but there is nothing quite like a Sufjan Christmas CD while getting ready for a holiday party.
8.) People doing the holidays simple
Most people (around here at least) have taken the holiday decor down a notch. People have been putting up the simple decorations that mean something to them and not being as busy as usual. There are some good things about a recession!
7.)The Giving Spirit
Everyone is hurting this year, but I have seen countless examples of generous spirits. Even from my little students!
6.) Grandmom's Chicken Dumplins
Coming from a southern family has its perks. Chicken and Dumplins are one of them!
5.) Gift Cards
This year I really appreciated gift cards. When you are strapped for cash gift cards let you get something you wouldn't buy otherwise.
4.) Holiday Engagements
One of my good friends from college got engaged! Congrats to her!
3.) Mr. Heatmiser and Mr. Coldmiser
We had a green Christmas here in the desert (as always), but my family over in Dallas had a white Christmas for the first time in 80 years!
2.) Gift Bags
Okay, I am young, but I just found out gift bags weren't invented until the eighties. Hats off to my predecessors who wrapped gifts old school, but I am thankful for gift bags.
1.) My Family
I really have the best family I could ask for to spend the holidays with. I am so blessed.

10.) Inflatable Christmas Decorations
I know, I know, people love these; but inflatable decorations by night are deflated Christmas heroes by day. I am tired of seeing a run over santa, melted snowman, or pancake snowglobe when I drive down the street.

9.) Holiday Trees
Please, just call it what it is!
8.) Knocking Over the Pope on Christmas Eve
I'm not even Catholic, but that is just terrible. Just terrible.
Everyone seems to have received one of these for Christmas, but I don't get it. Can't people just wear their bathrobes backwards?
6.) Working on Christmas
My youngest brother missed Christmas because he had to work at Game Crazy! Was that really necessary?
5.)Gift Cards that Expire
Apparently, if you wait to long to spend certain giftcards they decrease in value a certain percentage over time. What?!!!
4.) Christmas Chocolate
I only say this because I ate an unholy amount of this. I got a lot of chocolate and I single handedly ate it all.
3.) Pears with Cherries and Mayonnaise
I said being from a southern family has its perks. It also has its drawbacks. This is a good old dish my family used to eat in Texas brought back this year. It was disgusting really!
2.) Work that I Procrastinated
Yes, I brought this on myself, but I have to go in to work sometime this week to get all the stuff done I neglected to do when I rushed out as soon as break started.
1.) Christmas Shoes
This song is terrible! I first heard it a few years ago and couldn't believe the deliberate attempt to elicit tears with no artistic value. I thought it would go away. This year I heard a remix, which I am posting for informational value only.

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