Friday, April 30, 2010

19 Days Left

I can't believe it, but there are only nineteen days left of the school year. I am still feeling a little stressed looking into the void of next year. I feel my patience being tested, and I don't want to give in. This has been my favorite year of teaching so far, and I want to end well. To that end, I am making it my goal to plan something memorable in learning for every day left.

Here's my schedule for next week:
Monday: Making Fossils Project
Tuesday: Mother's Day Momisms and Poetry Project
Wednesday: Civil War Bisquits
Thursday: Buddies Relay Races
Friday: Sharing Day (I will read a funny story that I wrote for my class this year)

Next week is Teacher Appreciation Week. We always get treated really well by PTO, and I am looking forward to that. One of my students already told me that she intends to give me a present on every day of the week.

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