Sunday, April 4, 2010


Baja California, Mexico just had an earthquake of 6.9 magnitude. We felt it all the way up here! I was sitting on my bed doing my work when it started swaying. "Something is wrong with my bed," I thought, but when I looked up all the clothes in my closet were swaying back and forth, my venetian blinds were swaying back and forth, I actually felt a little light headed. I realized that it was probably an earthquake and I wondered what I should do if it were to intensify or continue. Things calmed down pretty quickly. It did make me realize how scary it must be to be caught in a serious earthquake. Where are you going to go, when the whole world is shaking?

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Ricochet said...

When we lived in California, we figured earthquakes were why Californians had so many hanging plants: earthquake detectors.