Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Explanation

Displace {to make without a place}

Literally, that is what it means. In a school district, being displaced means that a school cuts positions (due to funding or enrollment)and teachers are reassigned to open positions elsewhere in the district. I was displaced because I am the least senior teacher if the rif would occur.

I may or may not actually be displaced. The state is voting on a sale's tax increase that would absorb some of the education cuts. If the sale's tax is approved, the seventy-four teachers who were rifed will keep their jobs, and I would not be displaced because positions would not be cut at my school. Positions (in this case) are not being cut because of a drop in enrollment, but because of class size increases. They are literally distributing the students of the rifed teachers into the classrooms of continuing teachers. Oh yeah, we're all getting paycuts too.

It is Earth Day, and my District celebrated the fact that we're "going green".

We are "going green" alright. Green as in money. I am pretty sure we would do anything for money. My district has certainly proven that in the past.

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