Thursday, April 22, 2010

And It Was a Long Night

It is 5:50am. I should just get out of bed, but I would rather not. It seems wrong to get out of bed before you've had a refreshing night's sleep.

I wasn't awake crying either. I was just awake thinking. Not even about being displaced. I was thinking about everything and nothing.

I thought of some more questions for my inventory about learning modalities. Here are the questions I am adding now.

1.) Are you able to recognize the faces of actors in movies (for example would you notice "that is the guy from such and such)? This is an example of visual learning.
2.) Do you recall lines or the writing from a movie? This would be an example of auditory learning.

I thought about what I want to do with my ELL student in the last weeks of school.

We just finished doing sentences about location. I want her to use stickers and crayons to create a story about the location of objects. Next, we'll do descriptive sentences using the five senses.

I thought about financial plans for the future.

When I finally finish paying tuition, I want to keep saving the same amount for a rainy day.

The one thing I didn't think about was probably the thing keeping me awake...

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Ricochet said...

What does displaced mean? That you teach a different level in the same school or that you won't be back to that school and hope you pick up a position in another school?

If it is the latter, I will help you through this - been there, done that with an evil principal, not one who seems to like you - as yours does.

You will make it through and either way, it will work out. Use that as a mantra. It helps.