Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sudden Opportunities

I've been having a pretty bad week. Besides getting displaced, I am attending my Corrective Action tomorrow ALL DAY LONG. Yes, that damn red light that mailed me a my pretty picture in December mailed me another one in February. I had to pay it because it was the second one, and I thought that was the end, but in this state you have to attend traffic survival school even if you pay a ticket. So, I have a corrective action.

I got really upset on Friday when I recieved the "displaced teacher survey". I got upset because it was two questions long. Do you prefer to be placed on the East or West side of the district? Do you prefer the intermediate or primary grades? Seeing the survey just cemented what I already knew. I will be sent wherever the opening is, and I better be happy to just have a job.

I ended up having a really good talk with the Vice Principal. She is a very positive person, and she helped me start looking at the situation in a more positive light. What a switch from last year when I could never leave that office without seeing everything in a much more negative light!

Then today, I was eating a Serious Slice of pizza from the pizza shop down the street, and for some reason that I do not understand it comes with a fortune cookie. My fortune said, "Expect sudden and unexpected opportunities."

The advice from the fortune cookie and from the Vice Principal was good advice. I have to look for opportunities. I think I can do that with being displaced. Not so much with traffic school, that just sucks. Although, now that I am driving an alternate route to work that does not pass the red light camera I need to set up a pay pal account with, I have a new opportunity to pass Starbucks every day on the way to work. I guess every dark cloud has its silver lining.

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Who to layoff first?