Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Man Behind the Screen

I am going to the bored meeting tonight--excuse me, I meant board meeting of course! How could I make that mistake?? I'd rather be watching LOST, and I will later. I just want some information from the source to set my mind at ease.

I wish they would just hand me a contract. I would sign it. Really. --Even if it was a bad deal for me.

This waiting game and hints of things to come makes me feel like a mouse being bated by a cat. The district keeps congratulating themselves on being transparent, but I can't see through whatever they are saying. For example, what does a rif involving "primarily" first and second year teachers mean? For example, what does significantly larger class sizes mean? I've had thirty one students in a class before. Does it actually mean significantly higher than that? Maybe I am really dense, but some of this does not seem transparent to me.

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Ricochet said...

We have already done the bigger classes - now we will go bigger still. (Ought to be fun - you cannot get more than 32 desks in the room and walk around. Maybe the kids don't get to sit?) And it is a month before we get the contracts.

Florida just approved a bill making it easier to fire teachers and basing teacher pay on the state tests (which we know here in Georgia that some kids do not take seriously).

Fun time to be a teacher!