Saturday, May 1, 2010

Drowning My Sorrows = Not a Good Idea

Decided to go out with friends last night.

Vodka and Red Bull Number One was just to enjoy a drink with friends. Then politics came up.

My friend was telling me how he is voting "no" on the stupid proposition that means I would be displaced and in serious jeopardy of not having a job in another year. That discussion led to Vodka and Red Bull number two.

Then, everyone wanted me to tell them what being displaced means. Someone asked me, "So, you could be teaching thirty kindergartners next year?" That question was the origin of Vodka and Red Bull Number three.

I don't really remember what led to Vodka and Red Bull number four or the Gummy Bear shots. I do remember seeing double and everything being hilarious. Not so, this morning.

You know, I never drink that much, and in the last two years both times I drank way too much were due to work stress. Yes, I know, my own choices are my responsibility, but still, my work stress inspires me to do stupid things.

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mrsgee said...

i think this is pretty common among teachers in general. my friend and i attend 'choir practice' quasi-regularly. the entire purpose is to drink too much, sing karaoke too loudly and blow off steam about our jobs. don't beat yourself up about it. but, might i suggest that you end your night with a glass or two of water. hangovers symptoms are mostly due to dehydration :)