Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Blonde Moments, Moments of Genius, and Moments to Remember

Blonde Moments

I've been doing surprises with my students every day, and one of them was an experiment to make sedimentary layers in glass jars. I had the directions for the experiment up on my computer in the front. I had the kids mix up plaster of paris (dry), sand, and pebbles. The layers were supposed to settle and show how sedimentary layers are formed. Well, at the end of the day all the jars were sitting there looking like I filled them with cake mix. Why didn't it work? I forgot to add water. We added water the next day and it worked beautifully, but it was a definite blonde moment. I am blonde. Maybe I have a few of those I can claim.

I had another blonde moment today when I was trying to enter SIP data into the shared drive. "The file is deleted," I complained to my next door neighbor. "I can't find the one to this year anywhere!"
"Here it is," she showed me.
"No, that's 2009-2010," I corrected her.
"It is 2010."
"Oh. Can we pretend this conversation never happened?"

Moment of Genius

Teaching my ELL student to play Guess Who was one of the best ideas I've had. It was soo much fun and she was learning vocabulary rapidly.

Moments to Remember

We pranked Captain today. He teaches one of our small groups for third grade intervention Wednesdays. We usually send him 8-10 kids, but the groups vary among all of us and there is no set number. Today we sent him 120 kids, a few at a time. Soooo funny.

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