Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Happy "P" Day

Okay, that clearly doesn't have the same ring as "V" Day, but after Proposition 100 passed it was "P" Day for us. It felt like a real Teacher Appreciation Week. A lot of ugliness has come out in this state through this whole process. It has been really hard to feel like the community is behind education, but yesterday an overwhelming majority (66%) voted to increase the state Sale's Tax by 1 cent on the dollar to fund education. For my district, that meant the difference in a 6 million dollar deficit and a 12 million dollar deficit (when compared with last year's already slashed budget). It felt really good to hear that even though my state has a reputation for not supporting education, at the end of the day, 66% of voters are willing to increase taxes when education is in the need we are in right now.

Everyone was all hugs and smiles today. I am not displaced anymore. The other third grade teachers brought me cake and lunch from Pei Wei. Captain came in to give me the thumbs up when I was officially reassigned. All my students cheered. I heard when he dropped by next door to tell my neighbor that "her team would remain in tact," all her students cheered through the door. When I brought my kids out to parent pick-up, I had a couple of my volunteers cheering me on.

Thank you to voters. I know it is not easy to give up any more taxes now. We'll make it count and we will do whatever it takes for your kids. We would do that anyway, but it means a lot that you will do whatever it takes too!!!

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