Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Where to Begin???

I have to report on this day chronologically. I just don't know how else to do it.

This morning, I woke up. Hey, that was an accomplishment. I woke up, and I felt really excited to go back to school. Considering that last year on the first day back I woke up crying, I've come a long way. I feel so much more confident and so much more happy in what I am doing. My days of tears over the whole episode in my second year of teaching are behind me. This morning, I knew I am healed up and ready to go on.

We had meetings all day and they were boring and uneventful. I did learn that each teacher this year has a "results binder" which is literally a 100+ page binder that explains the results of DIBELs, district testing, and state testing. It compares you with other teachers and the whole district. I guess each of us has to discuss whatever is in these binders (we haven't seen them yet) at a lengthy gradelevel meeting. At first, this did conjure up an image in my mind's eye of Principal Sadie sitting with a gavel and demanding that I give an answer to each line of this document that was not to her liking. As the day went on, I realized that I love numbers and hard data and I will learn valuable information from the intimidating document. Principal Sadie is not here, and at some point, I have to move on from the scars I have from encounters with her and use constructive feedback to become a better, stronger teacher. I am kind of looking forward to seeing my results binder and I will use whatever I learn from it.

Tonight I went out with PreLawGuy again and we did kiss tonight (pg rated kiss though, no worries). It actually was very nice, but I am not sure if that is enough. I still don't know.

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