Saturday, August 14, 2010

I Am So Mature!

I know what you are thinking. You're probably thinking, "Ms. Understood, mature people don't have to say that they are in fact mature. By announcing that, you are, in fact, proclaiming the opposite."

That's probably true, but even so, I have been making a lot of mature decisions recently and I want to brag about them. I handled two crises in mature fashion this week.

1.) I went to bed the other night and laid down to see a lizard--on the ceiling--ready to fall on me at any moment. In the past, I might have reacted by completely freaking out and calling someone to save me. I might have reacted by fumigating my house to the point that I couldn't stay here. Instead, I got a piece of Tupperware, knocked the lizard into the Tupperware, and released him outside. Bravo to me on that one.

2.) Tonight, I had a date with law student tonight. I went to my date open to getting to know more about him, but he wanted to kiss and even though I started to kiss him, I realized that I wasn't feeling anything. So, I stopped him, and told him we had to talk. I actually did the mature thing and explained to him how I was feeling. I have been terrible at dealing with situations like this in the past, but tonight I just realized that these conversations are a part of dating and I need to do it. Law student and I had a good talk and actually continued to hang out for two hours without it being awkward. We are going to keep in touch. Amazing, I really don't know why I have sometimes been so immature about these things.

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Clix said...

Well, you don't HAVE to say it, but that's not why you're saying it. You're saying it to celebrate - and you have darn well earned that! Go you! :)