Friday, August 20, 2010

Wendy and the Lost Boys

When I think of my class this year, I can only think of two words: rowdy boys. I've got those ADD, fightin' on then playground, writin' so hard with their pencils that they break, loud-voiced boys. I think if my classroom were Neverland (not the Michael Jackson one people) then they would be the lost boys and I would be Wendy. I actually rather like all of my students, but they are a tough crowd to teach. They're not like the group I had two years ago because a lot of those kids enjoyed hurting others. This group is full of nice kids, but I think riddilin should start coming out of my drinking fountain.

Right now, my desks are still in groups, but based on the number of kids I have with concentration issues, I am thinking we are going to rows. I have to get a set routine down for every subject and follow it every day!

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