Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Playing Well

Most kids "play hookie" every once in a while. They can enjoy a day of rest at home. For my whole life, I have not been able to enjoy a day of rest on a school day because I feel like I am missing something.

When I was eight years old, I remember distinctly catching a terrible sore throat (it actually turned out to be strep throat). I hated staying at home so much that I did everything I could to hide my sickness. I had goosebumps sitting in my third grade classroom, but tried to hide it. After school, I went over to my friend's house, but I was too sick to play. I fell asleep in my friend's play tent. I still wouldn't have confessed that I was sick, but my friend's mom told my mom.

In college, I would sometimes walk to class in the snow with a terrible cold. I couldn't stand missing my class due to sickness (ironically, I was okay with missing it for other reasons).

Now, at twenty-five, I still haven't outgrown my "playing well". I've been going to work with no voice. I've been waking up at night feeling bad and going to work on barely any sleep.

Today, though, I quit fighting it. When I woke up at 2:30am, unable to sleep due to my painful sore throat and cough, I wrote up sub plans. I must confess, though, I had my work laptop open to my e-mail and right by my side the whole day!

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Mrs. H said...

I'm the same way. This is our first week of school and I've been going every day even though I have bronchitis! I am hacking and coughing all day long and I have no voice. Thought about staying home yesterday but didn't. Not sure if I'll make it through today though.