Monday, August 16, 2010

Good Things Ain't Free

I am so full right now. I had to sign a 2,045 dollar check for graduate school--last one praise the Lord, and I have not been paid for this school year yet. Therefore, I am worth approximately 100$ right now. Anyway, because I am so poor, I literally cannot buy more groceries until Thursday when I finally get paid again! So, when our professor provided free dinner tonight, it seemed like a good idea to eat as much as possible. I've been skipping breakfast and I bought these disgusting Ramen Noodle American food packs for lunch. Today's was supposed to be chicken alfredo. I don't know how to describe what it tasted like, but certainly not chicken alfredo!

Anyway, I will be counting down the hours to my next pay check.

In other news, I passed Career Ladder and placed at the level I wanted. This will mean bringing home more money annually (a little), which is sounding pretty good right about now, but it will also mean an even bigger more needlessly complicated more ridiculous career ladder project. I guess all good things come at a cost.

Hint: Skip the first minute of this video BUT do listen. This song is awesome, but maybe I just think that because it is relevant to me!!!

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