Thursday, January 20, 2011

Things That Make Me Wish I Was a Crab Fisherman, Extreme Logger, or Gold Prospector

I am sore all over. My foot is actually bleeding. I feel like I could sleep for three days straight. Also, I ate half of a whole pizza for dinner. Don't judge me; it's been a rough day. Did I play QB for a major league football team? No, it wasn't that. Am I returning from a battlefield? Not so much... Did I get in a fight? No, technically I did not. I administered yet another district writing test to third graders.

Administering the brutal three-hour-plus writing test to third graders is like being locked in an insane asylum all day long with twenty-three raving patients. Only, you have to get all of the patients to compose coherent essays. There is always that one kid who wants to make weird noises--you have to stop him. There's that other kid who wants to rock back and forth on his seat. Then there are the kids who just sit and stare. They don't start writing for an hour. All the other kids finish and we all have to wait and wait... for them... forever.

My foot is actually bleeding because I wore heels and I was walking around all day keeping the kids focused and quiet. I am sore because I was feeling so tense trying to finish the day strong. I'm tired because, well, this was tiring.

I will say, there was one essay that I thought was quite good. This kid drew on his personal experience to write a story. I think he'll be a blogger someday=).

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