Saturday, January 29, 2011


I am getting the cold that everyone else already has.

I spent most of the day sleeping on the couch and in my bed. My nose is running. My eyes are dry. I feel generally weak.

I tell you this in so you won't expect anything insightful or coherent out of this post. It's going to be more like stream of consciousness.

First, my mom is psychic or something. Of course, I did not tell her about my excessive drinking last weekend. She tells me today, though, that she dreamt I was a child and still lived at her house and she left wine out that I drank and got sick off of. Why would she dream that precisely a week after I drank more than I've had in a really really long time--like ever? Very coincidental...

Second, I love the movie "Lars and the Real Girl." I was watching movies today and I watched "Lars and the Real Girl." I thought it would be terrible, but it was so good.

Third, I really like the administration at my school. I read a lot of your blogs out there, and I read about other principals and vice principals and how bad it can be. I understand because the former principal at my school and I had a terrible relationship, but I have to put a little love out there for the administrators I have now. I had a great heart to heart with the V.P. this week and I got the nicest e-mail from the principal. I was texting a teacher friend the other day and I said, "We're lucky to have Captain Principal as a boss and friend, before him I didn't know the two could go together." She totally agreed. I don't think there's a lot of schools out there who work together the way our staff does. I have to credit the principal because it hasn't always been that way.

Fourth, in reference to my online dating adventure, I am feeling more confused than ever. I don't mean confused in a good way either. You know how sometimes you're really confused because something is too good to be true? That is not what I am talking about. It's just that all the wrong guys make me feel lonelier than being single. There are so many wrong guys out there. Someone else was texting me today telling me they have another guy for me. My other friends wanted me to go dancing with them and I am sure we would meet people there too--just not who I am looking for.

Well, my ears feel like they are going to explode, so I am going to eat tapioca pudding and watch reruns of "How I Met Your Mother." Thank you for sticking with my post of randomness if you read this far=).

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