Thursday, January 6, 2011

I'm Falling Off the Wagon Already

Today's Word of Wisdom: When your house starts looking like an office and your office starts looking like a house, you've gone too far.

My New Year's resolution, as usual, was to be more balanced and less ruled by work. It's not going very well.

Tonight I brought home all of this work and organized my stations of work into piles all over the living room floor. My mom called to see if I would come over for dinner, so I left all that stuff out. I got back and it was so depressing because I really turned my home into an office.

Then I realized that lately I want to buy things that should be for home for work and things that should be for work for home. I think to myself, "You know what I need? A better chair for work! I am always there and it would be more comfortable. I need a Fabreeze plug in for my classroom." Then, I start thinking about how I need a file box for home, so I can file away all the work I do at home. Pretty soon I'll be voluntarily moving my bed into the pod of our third grade classrooms and wall papering my living room with data charts.

It is not right.

P.S. Sorry for the gratuitous profanity at the beginning of this video, but seriously, this song suits my situation. Plus, this concert looks fun...

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