Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Maybe We're All A Little Disgruntled

Recently, the Gallup poll came to my district to give us a rating on employee engagement. Apparently my district came out well above national education stats on employee engagement and my school came out well above the district. Neither of these facts surprise me. My district respects us as professionals and my principal is awesome. The thing that is interesting is that we are still below the national average for all workplaces on employee engagement. The moral of the story is that people in other professions are happier than us. Why? I can't even do that question justice, but tonight I discovered someone who can. Mr. Teachbad's blog is soooo funny. I've been laughing out loud all night. Anyway, I am linking some of my favorite stuff.

Fake News Posts from Teachbad

Teacher Fakes Bomb Threat to End Faculty Meeting

Principal Seeks to Replace Student Body, Improve Scores

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Rachel said...

ha! This gave me a laugh,too. I loved the sweeping hand gestures for remembering the creation of the "wonderful" community! This is the perfect example of why I shudder at the idea of getting my master's in education and sitting through 2 years of that edubabble. Hilarious.