Monday, January 17, 2011

Inception: A Blog within a Blog

It is Martin Luther King day, so I have the day off and I have been playing in the blogging realm for three hours. You might be thinking, "Miss Understood, can't you think of a more productive way to spend your free time?" At least, I was thinking that. Which got me to thinking about why I like blogging and reading blogs.

This blog is usually about teaching. I usually let my readers into my thoughts about teaching. It's kind of like level one of Inception. Today, we go into a blog within a blog. Level two, baby! Maybe I could go for really confusing and blog about my blog within my blog. No, that is way too dangerous. As an aside, Inception did come out when I was dating all of those guys and I may or may not have seen it three different times with three different guys. What? I really liked it and I didn't have the heart to tell any of them that I already saw it with another guy.

I have always believed that to be a balanced person you need inputs and outputs. You've got to put creative and brilliant things into your head and you have to have a release for creative thoughts. Some people are creative with paint and some people are creative with notes--all that I've ever had is words. The primary reason I like blogging is the word play.

I imagine it is a lot the way that an arist feels satisfied when he sees the paint recreate the world before his eyes. The things that I write about are true and they exist whether I write about them or not, but there is something satisfying about seeing the words form a picture.

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