Sunday, January 9, 2011


I've been having some family issues that feel surreal because I haven't really had contact with my dad's side of the family in a long time. In October, my Grandmother on that side passed away.

I haven't heard much news about my dad in a long time. Unfortunately, I did hear recently about how he treated his mother in her final days. I guess I shouldn't be surprised because he obviously treated his own family terribly, but I was surprised. She requested him to come see her when she knew she was going to die. He refused because he didn't want to see her like that. He broke her heart once when he abandoned his own family and then again in the end.

Well,his father will probably never forgive him for that. I can't say I blame my Grandfather. I choose to forgive my dad for what he did to us, but he hasn't been here continually hurting me. Anyway, apparently my Grandfather is disinheriting my dad and leaving his share to my brothers and I. I don't care about the money and it won't be much anyway, but there is some justice in this. I am a fan of forgiveness and I wish everyone would make peace because you can't be at peace until you make peace with others, but I am still a fan of justice.

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Anthony said...

I do hope that some day you can see your father again. It is not easy to live in pain like that. I have an aunt that refused to come to her mother's (my grandmother's) funeral because my grandparents decided to be cremated. My aunt has had a horrible time because she never had a last good-bye. I hope that you and your father can reconnect someday.